Innovations in fruit-growing technology


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Fruit Tec is proud to present to you a Made in Germany defoliation system that is long-lasting, powerful and works smoothly at reduced noise level. REDpulse will support you to better schedule your harvesting calendar at lower labour input, higher colouration percentage, higher packout and overall better economic result.


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EFRE “Innovation und Energiewende” 2014 – 2020 “Spitze auf dem Land”


Construction of a new production hall with an administrative wing for Fruit Tec Adolf Betz

Goal of the project:

Development of special machines for special crops

Project summary:

Fruit Tec Adolf Betz develops and builds special machines for special crops. The company is currently working on a machine for defoliating hop plants and a vine cleaner. One advantage of the machines is the drastic reduction or even complete replacement of chemical agents. The investment supports the construction of a new production hall with an administration wing.

Corporate Philosophy

Naturally committed through our own convictions.

For the environment and for us as humans, it is important to reduce the use of chemical agents as much as possible. Due to rising labor costs worldwide and increasing difficulty in sourcing staff for maintanance and harvest we see a major challenge in the field of mechanization in commercial fruit-growing.

We work closely with growers based in our area and make prototypes regularly available to them, in order to ensure practical development of the machines. In this way, we ensure we meet the demands of the market and of our customers.

We will take on these challenges and promote the development of environmentally friendly and cost-effective technology for the reduction of chemical usage.

Foundation & History

On 15 March 2007, the Company Fruit -Tec Adolf Betz was founded in Deggenhausertal with the main focus of production and distribution of the mechanical blossom thinning machine DARWIN. Thanks to the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers we have been able to develop rapidly and grow steadily. As a result, we quickly outgrew our old production facilities. Since November 2010, we have been in the Fritz Ziegler Area to have more space for the production of our cutting machine EDWARD.