Darwin S



The Darwin S is a mechanical thinning unit without a support/mounting.

It is our flexible thinning unit and can be mounted in different ways. It is used on already existing machines in the vehicle fleet, e.g. a cutting machine, a telescopic loader or a hydraulic arm.

The Darwin S is mounted with the spindle in the direction of travel. The rotor carrier has a slight angle to the right towards the trees. Due to its design, the machine is always mounted with the spindle in the direction of travel, so a better view of the spindle is ensured and thus you can guide more easily the spindle on / in the tree crown / mold.


  • Universal attachable thinning unit
  • Robust construction
  • Protected electronics and hydraulics
  • Controlled thinning that you see directly after execution
  • Thins without chemical use
  • Increase in fruit size and quality by increasing early sugar allocation to limited number of fruit
  • Reduces biennial tendencies
  • Fast travel speed ensures high treated area per hour
  • Thinning can be performed in all weather conditions
  • Can be used for all current cultivars

Control unit

The spindle speed (RPM) can be comfortably and continuously adjusted with buttons on the control unit in the driver’s cabin to be optimally adapted to the driving speed.The set spindle speed in RPM is displayed exactly, and remains constantly at the set value, irrespective of whether the motor speed of the tractor is increased or decreased. By pushing the ESC-button (see image on the left) the spindle can be stopped at any moment, in order to exclude trees with smaller blossoms or to alternate trees in the thinning process.



  • Exact display of spindle speed (rpm)
  • Continuous adjustmentof spindle speed
  • Set spindle speed remains constant, independently of the motor speed
  • Temporarily stop of the spindle by pushing the ESC-button
  • Comfortable adjustment from the driver`s cabin

Technical data

 Darwin S
Darwin S 150 Darwin S 200 Darwin S 230 Darwin S 250 Darwin S 300
‘Working height 1.475 mm 1.935 mm 2.245 mm 2.395 mm 2.850 mm
Driving speed 6 – 18 km/h
Spindle speed (rpm) 150 – 450 min1
Area performance 1,5 – 2,5 ha/h
String length 600 mm
String bars 18 24 30 30 36
Machine height 1.820 mm 2.285 mm 2.580 mm 2.740 mm 3.200 mm
Weight 87 kg 90 kg 93 kg 96 kg 101 kg
Required oil quantity 25 l/min
Max. working pressure 210 bar
Mounting To already existing basic unit / working tool